After Schooling - Business Training for Students


After Schooling offers special services dedicated to students who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills by starting their own business after school. Our goal is to help them plan, put up, manage, and maintain their business. Here are our core services:


Anyone who wants to succeed in business needs to know the tools and the secrets of the trade. The training we provide is made especially for students. These are not the usual training programs; these are highly creative, innovative, and interactive sessions. All the necessary things related to starting a business are discussed in our training programs.

Online and Offline Programs

After Schooling makes everything interesting and appealing to students, that’s why our programs are offered both on and offline. In addition, these programs are not ordinary “you listen while I talk” types; these are interactive programs that allow students to exercise their thinking skills, while also sharpening their basic business know-how.


After Schooling provides students all the guidance, they need to launch a business successfully. The kind of guidance we provide is the one that students carry not only in their minds but also in their hearts. Whether they need guidance in the planning of their business, or they seek for additional guidance while implementing their business plans, After School will be with them. We guide them every step of the way, and even when they have already successfully launched their businesses.

Investment Opportunities

As one of our goals is to inspire students to explore their entrepreneurial skills, we regularly feature investment opportunities. We introduce these investment options to them, explain what they can get out of each one, and then help them come up with a good decision.