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Three Things a Student Can Do to Earn Money

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Three Things a Student Can Do to Earn Money

Students, especially those in high school, have a schedule to follow. This is why despite the fact that many of them like the idea of earning their money while studying; only a few do it. However, aside from working as a restaurant waitress or dishwasher, instead of babysitting the neighbors’ toddler, there are other things that a student can do to earn money.

Become a Tutor

If you are confident in your academic skills, you can offer your services as a tutor to students. Make sure that these are students from the lower level, though. If you’re in college, be a tutor for high school students. Advertise your services in your school/college’s bulletin board and hand out flyers. You can choose to do the tutorial sessions in school, at your tutee’s home, or in your home. You can also decide to meet at a quiet coffee shop.


Open Your Own Online Shop

This may require some work, but it will be easy. Using Facebook or Instagram, create an online store where you can post stuff that you are selling. This can be anything from food (non-perishable, as much as possible) to school supplies to stuffed toys. Be sure that your prices are affordable and targeted especially for students like you.

Work as a Student Assistant in Your School

One of the best ways to earn while studying is by becoming a student assistant in your school. If this privilege is offered in your school, grab the opportunity. Visit your school guidance counselor or check out information on the school website and find out which job or jobs can be suitable for you. The most popular options are library assistant, cafeteria assistant, laboratory assistant, and receptionist’s assistant. Before applying for the job, ask permission from your parents first. In addition, make sure that you will be compensated for the work you will do (some schools do not pay their student assistants).

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