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Benefits of Tooth Filling, Its meaning And Outcome

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Tooth filling

This is a type of procedure wherein the decayed or the damaged area of a tooth is removed and is filled with a replacement with a protective material so as to restore the appearance and function of the tooth thus avoiding further damage. The material for replacement is called as “filling” and this can be made out of silver and or gold, porcelain, a glass ionomer and much more. Each of these types of materials has its advantage and disadvantages which have to be decided by the person who wishes to have a tooth filling and the kind of material to be used.

What results should be expected?

The purpose of tooth fillings simply fills in the space either between the teeth or in the tooth. This is also used in the treatment of tooth decay and cavities and is sometimes used to repair any broken teeth and even tooth cracks. It is the patient’s decision as which particular type of material should be used in the treatment course. Such tooth fillings are the following:

Silver fillings or amalgams– this type of material is where most people would have as an application for a tooth filling. This is known for its very affordable price, and durability is also recommendable for those who are tight on a budget. However, with the use of this type of material, it does not blend well with the natural color of the teeth.

Gold fillings– in comparison to silver fillings, this type of material is very well known for its strength and durability. This can last you for up to fifteen years or longer which is a great advantage of having this filling material.

Porcelain fillings– this is a “people’s choice” filling material, but this is more expensive than the gold filling. This has the combination of aesthetics, durability and even to the point that it looks natural. Its longevity can last you also for about 15 years or more.

Possible risks

One thing that you need to remember when you have a silver filling if you are allergic to silver, it is important that you can notify your dentist regarding this matter and this would also mean that you are not subjected to have a silver filling material. As soon as you have your tooth filled, it is expected that you have the fullest protection from any complications that can happen if the decay and damage are left untreated. For more such useful and informative stuff you can visit Bouverie dental.

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