After Schooling - Business Training for Students


Excited to start your own business but cannot do so just yet because you’re still in school? Allow us to help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams…

After Schooling is an online venue for students who want to make the most of their dreams. It is an interactive online source for students whose goal is to build and manage their own business after school. It is also an online haven where they can make new friends and share thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals.

Aside from offering useful tips for students, After Schooling also provides training while also giving students opportunities to learn more about the business industry through online and offline programs. Likewise, we offer investment opportunities to these young entrepreneurs.

We created After Schooling because we believe in the capabilities and the skills of students. We acknowledge that they are tomorrow’s hope and that they hold a lot of bright and innovative ideas in their minds. Our role is to guide them, inspire and encourage them, and to help them nurture their strengths and correct their weaknesses. We will help them achieve their goals every step of the way.

After Schooling is managed by people who believe in all the great things that students are capable of doing.